We've finally done it.  It's been quite a challenge.  Our camera failed almost on the day we decided to open the store.  We've had to learn how to use a new camera - good thing really, the pictures are so much better.  We also had to learn to use Photoplus to process the pictures.

Then we had to start the huge task of putting our stock online.  Each item needed special cleaning - it's amazing how defects show in the photos.  A jeweller has to examine and carefully describe each piece.  I can't call it a problem, but suddenly at the same time, sales in our bricks and mortar shop shot up, we're 25% up on the same period last year :)  But it meant our staff were busier than ever!

We plan to add more items as fast as we can.  So keep coming back and looking for our latest products.

It's a really really steep learning curve.  If we haven't thought of something, or you have questions, do e-mail.  We'll answer you personally, and may well include your query in a future FAQ list.  So we really do want to hear from you.

Many thanks to Kate Hamilton-Hunter and her team for sponsoring a tree in Nant Woods for us.  It's a lovely idea, and a nice way of thanking us for stocking items from the KateHH Studio “Woodland Trust” collection - see them on the website...

We're pleased that some local people have found our online store, and as a result decided to come into the shop to complete their purchase.