Meet the team

Ruth and Martin

The co-owners of the shop. They’re husband and wife and have been working side by side since 1980.

Ruth works in the shop and Martin does all the “behind the scenes” work, such as the accounts and designing the shop’s computer software. In their spare time they love visiting theme parks.


Our longest serving member of staff, Colin has worked with us since 1993.

In 2012 Colin received a new hip after suffering constant pain for 16 years after a motorbike accident. He got some relief for a time but still has major health issues, but still manages to work a few hours a day, and also spends time at home processing and uploading the pictures for our website. 

For his 10-year long service gift, Colin asked for a full-sized replica medieval sword!  The 20-year gift was more practical, this time he had a Kenwood Chef food mixer as he’s now into baking - we all look forward to the yummy bread, cakes and biscuits he brings in for us to try.


Started in 2004 as a Saturday girl and went full time in 2009, now back to being a Friday girl as she has a little son Charlie to keep her busy in the week! Loves horror films and firmly believes in the paranormal, using any excuse to visit haunted locations and go ghost hunting.

She's also currently serving as a County Councillor!


Has been part of the team since 2009.

Clare is a proud Mummy to Ethan, Amelia and Nancy Rose, family is the number one priority to her. 

Her favourite stone is Sapphire.


Originally from Scotland,  Morven, started in 2013 after finishing a degree at the Wrexham School of Art.

Her sculptures have been exhibited in prestigious galleries, including the Mall Gallery in London, where she won an award.

She's not seen on the shop floor much as her specialised skills are used in our workshop where she is in charge of renovating all the secondhand items we buy in.


She joined our team in January 2017.

She loves hill-walking with her husband, son, and their fox red labrador, Buddy. You will find her up Snowdon most weekends! She also enjoys watching live bands.

Her favourite gemstones are diamonds and pink sapphires.


Has lots of retail experience as she worked on the Beauty Box stall in the old People's Market for 15 years.

She loves spending time with her family, especially her gorgeous grandson.

Tanzanite is her top gemstone.


Our youngest team member, she jointed us back when she was only 16 back in 2018. She studied A-level Economics, Psychology and Business at Coleg Cambria Yale. Uni plans were put on hold by Covid, she is still deciding what to do next!

She love spending her spare time with her friends and family exploring the wold, and loves to book a late minute holiday!

She's a fan of diamonds.


She gained her metalwork & jewellery degree in Sheffield Hallam University. In 1996 she worked in a jewellery repair workshop for 3 years in Southport before moving back to my home town of LLangollen, worked in a jewellery repair workshop for 3 years before moving back to my home town of LLangollen. She joined Waltons the Jewellers in 2000 where she remained until the shop's closure in february 2022. 

Her hobbies are many and varied. On a monday night she loves to join her friends in Latin American, ballroom and salsa dancing. Thursday nights are spent crafting with her family.  For many years she has tended to her allotment finding pleasure in growing fruit and veg.

The love of her life has to be her 6 year old labrador who makes her smile everyday, she just loves retrieving lost footballs and collecting the biggest sticks she can find, oh and try and keep her out of water.


Bubblys and outgoing, Anna has had a complete career change, before she stayed with us, she was area manger for Shell filling stations. She thinks working with jewellery is a lot more fun!

Her favourite gemstone is Opal.


Before joining us Hannah was a vauled member of Waltons the jewellers for 25 years before they closed. She is an avid Wrexham AFC supporter and proud season ticket holder, making sure to be at every match they have, alongside her family.

She has two beautiful dogs Cassie and Millie who sure do keep her on her toes!

Diamonds are her number one gemstone.


Susan also joined us from Waltons, where she was a valued member for 40 years! She has earnt multiple diplomas in jewellery retail in her time. The best thing she has noticed while being in the jewellery trade for all her working life, is the fact that shopping habbits have changed in the way where women no longer need someone to gift them jewellery and they will now happily treat themselves. 

Recently she got a lively little pup, a pomptese named Max, who she spends her spare time training and chasing around the house to keep him out of trouble! 

Citrine is the gemstone with a special place in her heart.