Getting the pictures right

1 CommentFriday, 10 October 2014

We've always been a very individual business with a strong identity, and our new website reflects that. You may have noticed that the background colour in the product photos on the site varies quite a lot.

We've been experimenting with different options. amazon pix and many others are always on white, but when you use software to add a white background, you do lose just a bit of the detail in the highlights and reflections on the piece of jewellery. We've been undecided which background looks best, but in the end decided giving you the absolute maximum amount of rich detail in the actual item is more important than looking the same as everyone else!
It's still a steep learning curve getting the pictures, and the new website as a whole, as good as we know they can be. We plan to write the next newsletter about our adventures getting the new site set up, so those in our Loyalty scheme can look forward to reading all about it sometime in November!

Thomas Thomson
Tuesday, 3 March 2020  |  10:53

I can not see where I can "Join the Loyalty Scheme" as advised on my invoice